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Principal:  Ginger Conroy


About Denver Center for International Studies at Ford (K-5)

Denver Public Schools will be opening a new, world class, high performing school in one of Denver’s most impacted neighborhoods. The new school will open in August, 2011.

It will be an international studies school, designed to give students a competitive advantage for their future. It is modeled after the currently existing, highly successful, Denver Center for International Studies, in downtown Denver. Students at this school will be engaged in a robust curriculum that seamlessly integrates state standards with global content and competencies to foster high academic achievement. All the elementary school (grades pre-K to 5th) students will become biliterate in English and Spanish as well as fluent in Chinese.

Turnaround Teaching at DCIS at Ford (K-5)

We are looking for professional teachers that desire and are ready to work with these extremely deserving urban students in order to offer them an exceptional education that will allow them to compete for entrance in the finest colleges and careers. The work begins in July, 2011.
We are interested in professionals with the following qualificationsWe qualifications:

  • At least 5 years of teaching experience
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish or Chinese
  • Endorsed in Elementary Education and/or Early Childhood Education
  • Endorsed in ESL, Bilingual Ed., or Linguistically Diverse

In addition, we will also look for teachers with the following attributes:

  • Knowledge and understanding of other cultures (from study and/or travel)
  • The ability to integrate curriculum for the seamless delivery of state-or district-required content through a global perspective
  • Skill in creating authentic assessments to move beyond traditional tests and provide opportunities for students to demonstrate and apply learning
  • The ability to tap the knowledge and skills of others (including teachers, parents, and business and community organizations)
  • A capacity for finding learning opportunities outside of the classroom to benefit students
  • Adept at use of the internet and Web 2.0 tools for research, teaching, and learning
  • An appetite for meaningful professional learning
  • Skill in developing and implementing service learning projects that connect the local to the global
  • The ability to speak and understand a second language (other than English)

What is DCIS at Ford's plan for school turnaround?  

Read the Tiered Intervention Grant submitted for 2012-2013 as a part of the third cohort of schools receiving TIG funding - coming soon.