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Denver Public Schools utilizes a "tiered" approach to determining differentiated supports and interventions for our lowest performing schools.

View the Tiered Supports update presented to the Board of Education on October 17, 2013.  

View the Tiered Supports update presented to the Board of Education on April 10, 2014.


Tiered supports, including school turnaround, take place in the context of Denver Public Schools’ overall strategies and strategic initiatives:

  • School Performance Frameworka multiple measure tool for rating school performance
  • Strategic Regional Analysis – annual analysis by region/feeder pattern of performance, demographic, choice, and capacity utilization trends and projections 
  • Community Processes –  Feeder-pattern based community committees to advise district on school and feeder-pattern decisions
  • Call for Quality New Schools – Annual call for high quality new district-run and charter schools to meet needs identified in Strategic Regional Analysis
  • District–Charter Compact – to ensure all our schools (district-run and charter) follow three equities of opportunity, of access and responsibility, and of accountability.


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